My Favourite Quote

Hi guys!

So its day 3 of the 30 DAY BLOGGING CHALLENGE , where I’ll update my blog everyday for an entire month! I started a bit late that’s why I’m only on day 3 although it’s already the 7th of February.

So day 3’s challenge is to let you guys know about my favourite quote! I really enjoy poetry and reading so it was so hard to choose just one quote. The thing is, i have saved a large collection of quotes, so I’ve picked this quote as my favouite for today. Tomorrow, I could have another one because it all depends on my mood, you know? My favourite quote is usually based on what I’m going through at the time, so whatever seems relevant and relates to me at the moment.


So my favourite quote for this day is by my absolute fave write, poet NAYYIRAH WAHEED. Its from her first published book “SALT”:

“I don’t pay attention to the world ending. It has ended for me many times and began again in the morning”

Why is this my favourite quote (today)?

More times than not, I am an over thinker. I always think of the worst possible outcome of the situation instead of the best possible outcome. However, every time I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders and there’s no way out, I got to bed and when I wake up, I don’t feel quite as heavy as I did before. Many times one can feel very defeated, and that it s the end of something… but sunrise always brings new opportunities. Therefore, the way I understand this quote is that although one may feel powerless in a situation,  a new day will always bring new power.

That’s all really. Every time I’ve felt defeated, after a prayer, I havea new hope restored.

I just love everything she writes. Have you read some of her stuff before? You can find out ore about her here:


INSTAGRAM: Nayyirah.waheed

TWITTER: nayyirahwaheed

What are some of your favourite quotes or books? let me know. How do you understand this quote?

Thanks for reading! Come back tomorrow for Day 4’s 30 day blogging challenge post.





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