My Proudest Moment

Day 4 and 5 of the “30 Day Blogging Challenge” have been squeezed into one day because I missed yesterday’s deadline.

But here is day 5’s post:


I have done many things that have made me proud of myself in my 23 years of life… But two moments stand out the most. So instead of 1 proud moment, I’ll write about 2.


TOP MODEL Worldwide 2013 International Grand Final
Walk 1. Designer: Dee Images. Grand Final held at Hilton London Metropole on 13 April 2013. Picture by Colin Chau/TOP MODEL

This was back in 2013 when I was in my second year of law school (I was 19 years old). When I first started this modeling thing, I had set a couple of goals fro myself in terms of photoshoots, fashion shows, runway goals etc. And one of those was to walk a runway overseas before I turned 21. So when i was invited to do TopModel Worldwide 2013, and 19 years old, I was thrilled. This was a dream, and who doesn’t want to walk a runway dressed by an international designer, in London? I am definitely super proud of myself for this. It was my first time doing a fashion show outside of my country…

We also had to get some public vote and this allowed us contestants to raise money for ChildrenWithCancerUK , so mixing fashion and charity was amazing.

Because it was an international (worldwide) model search, I got to meet so many different people from different backgrounds and countries. i also made a few really good friends that I still talk to today!


I never wanted to go to Law School. I actually wanted to study Entrepreneurship or Business Management/Administration after High School. How did I end up studying law? I have no idea. Really, I don’t.

Anyway, fast-forward four long years later, after what feels like 100 breakdowns because of stress, I graduated with my LLB (Honours) a.k.a Bachelor of Laws . I was so happy for myself. I was also extremely proud. Maybe not necessarily because I completed, but because of how proud it made my mom of me. I had never seen her so excited over any of my achievements than the day I graduated.

And getting to wear a cap and gown was actually so cool. I felt so… accomplished, you know? So yeah, I just feel happy that I have this achievement under my belt. #LifeHandled.


I know i’m still so young and I definitely haven’t achieved half of the things I set out to achieve but so far, so good. I’m sure “My Proudest Moment(s)” will change as I grow and experience more of life. And I can’t wait.

Thanks for reading!

P.S What are some of your proudest moments in your life so far?



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