And I am really on track with this “30 Day Blogging Challenge” thing, I’m already on Day 6!

Today’s topic is: “WHAT AM I AFRAID OF?”

Firstly, to know what one is afraid of, one needs to know what it means to be afraid…


I’m not really sure what I am afraid of… because some things give me a feeling of fear, whereas others give me a feeling of  anxiety.

But I’d say the thing I’m most afraid of is regretting the path I chose in life (when its too late) and not living my best life, especially now while I’m considered “young”.

I guess that’s it really, there’s nothing more to it. I just fear that I might not get to live the life I want for myself because I’ll be too busy stressing about how I’m not living that life instead of ensuring that I’m living my best life.

Thanks for reading! Come back tomorrow for Day 7’s post.






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