I’m so excited for this post. Finally a post that relates to fashion/lifestyle!

I never leave my house without my handbag, I am literally obsessed. Apart from shoes, bags (of any kind) are what I spend most of my money on.



So, What’s in my bag/wallet? Well, in my case, its a bag (handbag).

  1. A notebook or script-pad of some sort and some pens: You never know when you might need to write something down.
  2. Small/mini make-up bag: This is just where I keep my powder and brush, lipstick and some lip-balm/lip-gloss for touch-ups in case I’m wearing make-up on a specific day. With this weather, I can’t be walking around with an oily face, so its important that I carry these items when I wear make-up.
  3. Tissues.
  4. Gum and/or Mints.
  5. My wallet: To carry some cash, my Bank Card, ID etc
  6. My cellphone: Does anyone leave their house without their phone? But I actually carry my phone in my hands a lot, its hardly ever in my bag.
  7. Keys: To everything.


Thanks for reading!

Keep checking for more blog posts until I finish the 30 Day Blogging Challenge.






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