​Hey guys! So here I my woth boo post in this “30 Day Blogging Challenge” that I decided to do.

The Best Trip of My Life:

Well… I’ve actually taken quite a few trips in my life, some locally and others internationally. I’ve enjoys them all but in recent years, there is one trip that stands out for me.

During December 2015, myself and 3 I my close friends (I’ve known these girls 10 years now) from High school decided that we should take a trip to celebrate graduating University. we did not go to the same university, not did a study anuthing similar to each other’s courses.

We went to a local resort here in Namibia  for 3 or 4 days and it was so much fun. We bonded about any and everything an just had a relaxing time (over glasses of wine) the whole trip, enjoys some pool time (indoor-heated and outdoor), movie nights, meals and just good ‘ol girl time.

It just kind of brought us closer and we decided to make this a yearly tradition. Last year we took another trip and I am super excited for this year’s trip.

I’m sad because I had hundreds of pictures from this trip on my laptop but my laptop gave up on me and crashed… so now I don’t have any! (At least I have mental memories lol).
Anyway, the trip just made realise that spending time with your friends is important… and it’s not about who you’ve known the longest or who you are the most, but it’s about who you can go a show without seeing and still hanging it like no time has passed everytime you as them.

Thanks for reading.





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