So here is another blog post in my “30 Days Blogging Challenge”.

My top 10 Fav Foods (includes snack-like stuff)… Mostly junk lol

  1. Pizza. Any type of pizza really. I’ll never say no. Especially something meaty, with a whole lot of cheese, paprika and drenched in a bunch of sauces (Chicken, BBQ or mushroom sauces). One way to ruin my pizza? Onions. ugh.
  2. Burgers. I’ve outgrown liking beef burgers so I only seem to enjoy chicken burgers these days.
  3. Ribs. No explanation needed
  4. Hot Wings (and Fried Chicken)
  5. Pasta.
  6. Chocolate. Who doesn’t enjoy chocolate though?
  7. Cake ( Chocolate or Chocolate & Caramel Cake)
  8. Ice cream (I only enjoy Chocolate Ice cream.
  9. Malva Pudding
  10. Lays or Doritos Chips.




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