Am I supposed to list 3 healthy habits that I partake in or 3 healthy habits a wish I had? Lol

Ok, so 3 healthy habits I have and/or partake in…

  1. Praying

Prayer has become such an integral part of my day. Especially in the morning (the second my eyes open) and at night, before I go to sleep.

I have wanted to depend on God through prayer and belief for so long and I’m glad to say that I now do it without even having to think about it, or remind myself. I’m glad to say I have mastered the whole “Give it to GOD, and go to bed” or “Take it to the LORD in prayer” notion.


I call this a healthy habit because nothing makes me feel better than praying. But this will be further discussed in a completely different post once I complete this blogging challenge.

  1. Drinking water

Ok, so I have always been a fan of water… but I never drank it as much as I actually should. But recently (for about 8 months now) I have been drinking a lot of water. And I’ve cut down on fizzy drinks (I do not drink them much anymore, maybe once or twice a year), to allow myself more water.


Any “health person” you meet will tell you that water is good for you and give you 1000 reasons as to why water is the best option for drinks, especially when it comes to your health. I’ve never been interested in those reasons and I’m not sure I am now, but, I’m definitely a water person now. Don’t get it twisted though, I still don’t belong to “I have good skin because I drink water” twitter. Because my skin still stresses me out and I still see a dermatologist once a year.

  1. Adding fruit to my diet

Now, the whole diet thing and myself, we will never be an item (at least now and the near future). I have never felt the need to control what I eat and don’t eat before, whether healthy foods or pure junk. I eat what my heart desires in that moment.

However, fruits and veggies were never part of my hearts desires. I loved fruit when I was younger (maybe because my mom basically gave me no choice) BUT AS I GOT OLDER, I SUBSTITUTED ALL THAT WITH CHOCOLATE. But now, I find myself buying different fruit when I go grocery shopping, in fact, the other day, I found myself going to Pick ‘n Pay for grapes.


I quite enjoy apples (red ones only), grapes (seedless red and white), oranges and naartjies, mangoes (nothing tops mangoes) and plums & peaches.

Vegetables are a whole other story. I have never like them in general, and I still don’t (I can enjoy some green salad with ranch dressing, creamed spinach and broccoli, but that’s about it).

So yeah, those are 3 healthy habits I have right now. Prayer, Water and Fruit. Let’s hope I stick to them.

Happy Easter!




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