Guys, I’m one of those “Education is the most important tool to have in life” people.

I know that when people think of the term education, they automatically think education in the sense of having some sort of educational qualification. But to make myself clear, that’s not what I mean. The education that I stand for is not the one that has certificates, diplomas, degrees and PHD’s to show. No, I mean education as in educated oneself in many areas and topics that need understanding in today’s world.

Take me for example, I have a law degree (an LLB (Honours) degree) but I cannot tell you anything significant on so many topics. But people automatically look at me as extremely educated once they hear about my academic qualification. If you asked me how the economy works, and what causes failed economies and foreign exchange rates, I couldn’t give you a clear and concise answer. Not to discredit my degree, but what I’m trying to say is, we need to realise that being “educated” in one area does not make us experts in every area. And we must be open to learning without having to force the whole “you need a degree to understand”. But even with my degree, there are many areas of the law I am still learning about, through practice and court appearances. Experience. So I might have a degree but I do not know all there is to know about the law.

There is just so much ignorance in the world today, especially on topics like race and culture, sexuality and so many other social concerns. And the only way for any progress to be made on these topics is through education of some or any sort. Whether through school or reading up on them, asking questions with intention of understanding and asking more questions. We need to experience things to understand them, and speak to people who have experienced them to truly educate ourselves.

So yes, I am all for education. As long as it’s the right kind of education. I once read that:

“Not all education takes place in the classroom” (not sure where, but credit to the author).




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