I’m really excited for this post. I have been waiting for Day 17, because the thing that I enjoy most in life (apart from eating chocolate) is reading and catching up on my favourite blogs!

I have soooo many, but I’ve decided to narrow down my list to the 5 blogs (mostly fashion & beauty related) I am unashamed to say I check every single day hoping for updates. (P. S I really appreciate daily bloggers; you guys are the real MVPs).

So, here is my list, in no particular order:




Ok, so KENZAS.SE is a blog run by model, designer, CEO (you name it) Kenza Zouiten. She is a Swedish blogger, based in Sweden and her blog is the first blog that I read and got hooked to. From the day I discovered her blog almost 3 years ago, I have been a daily visitor of her blog and I am yet to be disappointed.

She blogs about her daily life, updates her readers on what she is doing on a daily basis or what she plans to do (both personal and career-wise), and her posts are always accompanied by beautifully taken pictures. She also gives outfit details, location and translates her blog posts in English and Swedish. Cool, right? But I won’t write much about her because Im sure many of you have heard about her… If not, check her out here: You will not regret it.




emitaz.png is my new favourite blog to read. I only discovered this blog mid last year and I have been a constant reader since then. The blog belongs to Emelie Natasha, another Swedish blogger, but she is based in Barcelona, Spain.

Natasha has quite a similar blogging style to Kenza but you can sense her individuality in the blog posts. She also has a dual language blog although she mostly updates in English as she communicates in English on a daily basis, considering she lives in a different country from her home country.

She also started a YouTube channel and I absolutely love it. I might be more into her vlogs now though. I think what struck me about her is her personality. She seems so genuinely nice and her vlogs and videos are such a pleasure to watch. What I like is that although her following has definitely grown in since I first started reading, she still engages with her readers in her comment section on her blogposts as she always has. She responds to questions and compliments so promptly, which allows the reader o feel connected to her as a human being instead of some mega successful blogger.





BAKEDONLINE (was called Bakedtheblog when I first started reading it) is the first African-based blog that I have followed and kept up on since the day I discovered it. It is owned and run by Aisha Baker-Parnell, A south African girl, based in cape Town, South Africa.

I first discovered her YouTube channel last year (mid-year) before I found he blog. And I am quite glad I found her blog. He blog is mostly a fashion Lifestyle blog and what I enjoy most are her blog posts about what she’s doing (e.g. when traveling). Her photos on the blog is also what keeps me coming back. I love the quality, styling and everything about the pictures that accompany her posts.

I also quite enjoy the videos she has on her YouTube channel.





This is a blog my one of my absolute favourite poets of all time, Alex Elle. She uses this blog as a way to update her readers on her life’s happenings. It’s quite a personal blog, as she mostly writes about her personal life, her family and what she goes through.

But that’s what I love about this blog. Not that I’m nosy but I love feeling like I know what the writer is going through… makes a reader feel very connected to more than just the blog itself. Something is so real and authentic about Alex’s blog, and I absolutely adore the honesty she has to her readers. And I am such a sucker for her family photos that she shares from time to time.

Her instagram is my fav insta-acc to stalk by the way.





Natasha’s blog is also one of those blogs that never disappoint me. She does not update daily, but when she does update, It is always quality content. I think she has a nice balance between he photos and her writing , not too much of one or too little of the other. I mostly enjoy reading about her travels (being obsessed with travel myself), even better when there is a video to go with it.

She writes about fashion, photography, beauty and travel, and she her shares personal style on the blog. Natasha also has a YouTube channel that I check out frequently.


This is not a closed list to the blogs I read, i just had to pick a few so as to not bore you with a long blog post. I read a whole lot more than this, trust me.

Do you read any of these blogs? Do you have any other blogs that you want to suggest I check out? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading.





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