Day 19… and you’re still reading? wow. Thanks.


I love watching movies… at home, at the cinema, soo it’s hard to pick just 1 favourite. But i’m really picky when it comes to what movies I watch…

I used to love horrors and thrillers, but now I’m more of a romance & romantic-comedy type of movie watcher. However, there are a few movies that I’ve watched over and over and over again. So i thought i’d pick my “fav” from that list. And the winner is:

Love and Basketball

love and basketball.jpg

This is a movie from a while back… like early 2000s. It stars one of my absolute favourite actresses, Sanaa Lathan ❤ . Read more about it here: Love & Basketball Wiki . I never get tired of this movie. And I love LOVE so…

So last year, I watched a movie titled “Me Before You” and I… I just couldn’t with the ending. But I love the movie. So it has worked its way into my list, although I’ve only watched it once!

me before yu.jpg


So this past weekend I finally watched the movie “Get Out” and I don’t even know what to say. This is definitely my fav movie so far for 2017. My reaction, same.


What are some of your favourite movies? Any that you would recommend for me to watch?




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