Its day 25 you guys! And you’re still reading? wow, thanks.

So, my biggest regret…

I won’t lie to you and say i don’t have any regrets, because quite honestly, I do.

yes, i’m grateful for all that I’ve been through, and all the mistakes I’ve made, but there are some decision I’ve made in my life that I feel have no purpose and I really should never have made such decision.


But is there one thing, one main thing that I regret? No. definitely not. Nothing weighs heavy on my heart to the point that I think about it everyday and classify it as “my biggest regret”. So yeah, I guess I don’t have 1 big regret. Just a few small ones. But I don’t dwell on those because life is great, I’m blessed and I’m happy. Those decisions are in the past.

Do you have any “Big” Regrets?





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