My Most Embarrassing Moment

Day 28, 2 days (posts) left. soooooo close to the end.

So, lets get right to it: My most embarrassing moment.

You know what, I have not had a moment where I’ve wanted to disappear because of embarrassment yet… But for the sake of the challenge, I have to dig deep into my memory and find a time where I was embarrassed, even if just a little bit.

Well, way back in 2006, when I was in grade 7, I moved to a new school because we moved to the city. So on day 2, when I finally made some friends, we were walking around the school right. So we got to some stairs and… I just fell. It was so out of the blue, i don’t even remember missing a step. I blinked and boom, I was in the sand. Mind you, our school uniform consisted of a white golf-style shirt and a navy-blue skirt. And the sand was reddish-brown. Picture the result.

What was more embarrassing was that no one said anything. not a peep. They all just continued like they didn’t see anything, so i just dusted myself off and joined them in the silence. I was so embarrassed. You could tell they tried not to laugh because it would just be mean to laugh at the new girl, right? No one ever mentioned it.

But that moment still stands at number 1 on my list of embarrassing moments.

So yeah, that’s the story.

Thanks for reading.






  1. eheh. My most embarrassing moment was tucking my skirt into my stockings while wearing a thong and walking into the big Monday morning corporate meeting. That was a moment I’ll never forget! LOL AHHHHHH JOY!

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